OoT Bingo Board.

In the interest of trying to get all of my projects in one place i figured id make a post about this here on my website.

This is a simple, compact, stream friendly bingo board for Zelda: Ocarina of Time that i made for a couple of friends of mine who used to do a lot of OoT randomizer runs, i made this because i wanted to try something new, and also because the bingo boards that were already out there weren’t really designed for randomizers (at least at the time i made this).

This thing ended up with quite a lot of options and customization for doing different kinds of unique bingo runs, and you can find all the options and explanations on the github for it, which il link at the bottom of this post along with the download to the newest version.

Of course this thing is just a bingo board, and it will work with or without a randomizer, but it does lack some of the logic that other bingo boards might have because it was specifically designed to be used with a randomizer such as this one, however give it a shot either way, with all the options you can very easily turn off things you don’t want included to make it easier or harder as you like.

Downloads and explanations of all the options can be found here: