Ocarina of Twilight.

Now this is a complicated one, Zelda: Ocarina of Twilight is a fangame ive been working on and off on for quite a while now, and to be honest i havent gotten that far overall, its a difficult project to focus on because my interest in it comes and goes, and over time ive become better and more efficient at using Game Maker Studio 2, the engine i make this game in, and because of that a lot of my old code is now bad or needs to be updated a lot, this coupled with the fact that im not that good at mapping and it takes me a long time to make really good maps that im happy with is making this quite the difficult task.

Despite all this i feel like ive made a pretty solid base, a few items such as a shield, bow, ocarina and boomerang are fully functional aswell as swords, heart containers / pieces, chests, simple npcs, dungeon puzzles such as switches and doors that require keys, a functioning shop system, a lighting system to make the game look pretty in the dark, a fairy companion, a few basic enemies and most recently a minimap that is still semi unfinished.

Now where do i go from here? I would very much like to finish this fangame at some point, my plans and the scope of the game really arent that big, the basic plan was only to have 3 or 4 dungeons with one already completed at the time im writing this, however, as ive said progress has been going slow, i hope that writing about it here and maybe finding some interest online will kickstart my creativity and interest to continue with this project.

As for what i need to focus on next, my first priority right now is to finish the minimap system, i then need to create bombs to finish up the last little secrets of the first dungeon and starting areas, then, the big one, i need to rewrite my simple npc objects into a more complicated event system, this means remaking all the events of the story and all my npcs using this new system, this is a pretty big task but i feel like it will make development of the game itself much easier in the long run.

On a side note i am considering writing up tutorials and development blogs for this new event system, its going to be pretty flexible where i can use messages to trigger code to do things in the middle of conversations, which would make it work a lot like how events work in RPG Maker for those who are familiar with that.

Anyway, for now, keep an eye out for updates, and feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think or if you have any questions.

Here is a bonus ingame screenshot: