Dyna Launcher.

This launcher came to life after i made Ninty Freeshop, a shop app for a launcher known as the Ninty Launcher, after working on the shop app i always wanted to try making my own launcher which had specific features i wanted to have for myself, things that i couldnt get from Ninty Launcher, and so, as a challenge to myself i decided to make a launcher from scratch.

Dyna Launcher is made to be dynamic, having the ability to change the wallpaper, logos and background music depending on the selected game, hence the name Dyna Launcher, im also working on adding in custom themes for the launcher itself to try to make it as dynamic and customizable as i can.

On top of this the launcher also supports some emulators, with more emulators being added every update, custom discord rich presence icons for many games (if you want any game added, let me know and il add an icon for it in an update) and an easy way to create and share game profiles with people online, importing a simple zip file to add wallpaper, logo, background music and settings for a game in one click (check out our discord in the links below where you can download and share game profiles!).

Oh and did i mention its completely open source? You can download the source off github and make your own customized version if you wish, or simply take a look at the code if youre curious, the link will be below to anyone who wants to check it out.