AI-Powered Security Orchestration in DevOps with Brittany Greenfield

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About this DevOps Toolchain Episode:

In today's episode, AI-Powered Security Orchestration in DevOps, we'll delve into the nitty-gritty of how DevOps can effectively integrate application security into every phase of the Software Development Lifecycle.

Brittany Greenfield, CEO and founder of Wabbi, joins the show to debunk the myth of “DevSecOps” and reinstate the idea that security should be an inherent detail in DevOps, not an add-on.

Brittany will discuss the advanced concept of application security posture management and its pivotal role in aligning development and security processes using tools that resonate with what developers already know.
Throughout our discussion, we'll highlight the urgent need for application security, where 9 out of 10 breaches find their roots. We'll explore how Wabbi's approach is revolutionizing this space by leveraging AI and machine learning. We'll also underline the criticality of developer collaboration with application security teams, a key aspect that cannot be overlooked, and how to navigate the vibrant landscape of application security lifecycle management.

Get ready for a deep dive into transforming the DevOps security culture and understanding why marrying development with security is more than just a checklist.

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About Brittany Greenfield

Brittany Greenfield

Brittany Greenfield is the CEO & Founder of Wabbi, she's a leading force in Application Security, recognized as a Top Woman in Cybersecurity by Cyber Defense Magazine and her peers in the Cybersecurity Excellence Awards, as well as as a 40 Under 40 by Boston Business Journal. She is the CEO & founder of Wabbi, backed by investors including Cisco and work-bench, has pioneered what is now known as the Application Security Posture Management space with its continuous security platform that bridges the gap between security and development. In recognition of its leadership at the forefront of innovation in cybersecurity, Wabbi has been named an RSA Innovation Sandbox Finalist, Best DevSecOps Solution, and Publisher's Choice in Software Development Lifecycle Security.

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