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Bots and Spam

Posted by Sephiroth976 on Sep 23, 2016 @ 2:46 pm

I just purged most of the users from this website because i cant tell whats a bot and what isnt.. i know for a fact i deleted at least a couple of real users and im sorry for that, but to prevent that in the future, please post a picture with your account, bots dont do this (as far as ive seen) and it will make it really easy to see who isnt a bot.

Im working on finding a better way to prevent spam bots from joining the website, but this isnt easy, so for now i might end up deleting accounts if they dont have pictures.

Im also planing on coming back to working on some games (possibly back to zelda) in the near future, which is why i decided to do the account purging, so look out for updates on that.

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