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Zelda: The Golden Kingdom

Posted by Sephiroth976 on Jul 1, 2015 @ 5:49 pm

Okay! So here are some awesome news.

First of all, i am still working on my Zelda game, however because of how much time it takes and how long it takes me to get any updates on it, ive come up with a pretty cool new plan!

Ive found that there already exists a 2D Zelda MMO, however i believe it recently shut down and unfortunately this game was also entirely in Spanish.

This game was called Zelda: El Reino Dorado (Zelda: The Golden Kingdom) and the source code for the game was released with the shutdown of its servers, on top of that, another user from the Eclipse forums has created a way to translate the game into English using google translate and bing etc etc (so it wont be perfect, but hey) and ive decided to host an official 24/7 English server for the game!

I will also be adding content to the game, such as quests, equipment and new areas to explore!

Im currently in the process of testing the game by playing through it with some friends with a slightly higher exp rate and although there is one really annoying bug that desyncs players from eachother at some points, its not directly game breaking.

If you want to join the pre-testing, you can PM me on this forum and il give you the details on how to get on!

Because this game is as complete as it is, there is a 99% chance that accounts will never be wiped!

Oh and also, at the right side of the front page you might have noticed a server status, that is now the official server status for this games server! (not up 24/7 while we are testing)

More updates on this is coming very soon!

2 responses to “Zelda: The Golden Kingdom”

  1. Ninja Ninja says:

    I’d appreciate a chance to participate in the pre-testing phase if its not too late?

  2. Gotrense says:

    Wow this sounds amazing! GOOD LUCK!

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