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Rupes and bug fixes!

Posted by Sephiroth976 on Jun 13, 2015 @ 5:42 am

So, since im going to try updating this website more, i figured il just post about what was recently done in the Zelda Online game.

All programing and fixes were done by Jaxx on Eclipse (which also made this version of the engine im using by the way) so if you want to make 2d mmo games i suggest you look him up or just take a look on that forum in general.

Now onto stuff thats been done..


Rupes have been added to the GUI under the experience bar!

A /shop command has been implemented for an event shop that can be accessed anywhere and will contain special items only obtainable with event currency.

Other then that its mostly just bug fixes, the quest system had a bug where you couldnt do “collect items” quests, that is now fixed.

Another bug thats being worked on is the fact that events will activate more than once, which means opening a chest will give you 2-3 items instead of 1, but like i said thats being worked on.

Aside from the programing aspect, im working on the first little area, some enemies and start equipment, skills / spells and and other various items and stuffs.

Il post more updates eventually, but dont expect updates on this game too often as it takes quite a while to get things done.

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