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Pony Shooter

Posted by Sephiroth976 on Jan 27, 2015 @ 1:40 am

Well, since i have nothing on here yet.. heres something ive been working on lately.

Its a game based on ponies, yes.. but it will be more like a touhou game then a pony game, the whole point of making this game is so i can learn more about making bullethell shooters (like touhou) and because i wanted to make a simple game with an online highscore system.

Heres a few features the game will have when its finished:

  • 3 Stages with their own unique bosses. (also a 4th special stage which will be insanely hard)
  • Unique bonus score system
  • Normal mode and Hardcore mode. (which will destroy you)
  • Achievements.
  • Online highscore system.
  • Powerups and a magic shield to protect you against bullets for a short time.
  • Focus mode. (hold a button to focus your attack and go slower)

Theres a few more things i want to add but i dunno if im going to yet, so im just gonna keep them secret until i decide if they will be in there or not.

Link to full size image.

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